Google “Wage” – Really?

It’s often sad to see any product die. Any kind of decent product, on the face of it, represents the collective effort of a lot of smart people, who through the duration of the product’s existence “believed” in it. However, as things unfold and the fate of a product seems to be sealed, there’s this frantic activity to lay the blame on someone. And more often than not, the usual suspects emerge – namely, the product managers, the architects, the whoever wherever. 

But in all that, I feel the most painful thing to witness is “apathy“. The mostly subtle process of discarding is usually done in a way so as to attract least attention. However, there are those moments, when the general apathy overflows and becomes apparent in a manner which reflects the disdain towards the product. I can’t even imagine the anguish the engineers and the designers have to live through. They probably try their best to cast all of it aside. And then, in a moment, all of it rushes back, because someone who couldn’t care any less, decides to send across a mail to the whole wide world, without exercising the basic courtesy of proof reading –


A mail about Google Wave, but the sender's mentioned as Google "Wage"!

So long Google Wa”g”e – you were probably ahead of your times, but then, does any one really care?


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