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Google “Wage” – Really?

It’s often sad to see any product die. Any kind of decent product, on the face of it, represents the collective effort of a lot of smart people, who through the duration of the product’s existence “believed” in it. However, as things unfold and the fate of a product seems to be sealed, there’s this frantic activity … Continue reading

Installing Apache 2.4 – *nix

The following procedure has only been tested on a Ubuntu 10.04 server. In all likelihood, this should work for other distros as well. But, things might vary only for steps 1 and 2. The Set-up Retrieve all the essential dependencies for building from source. This primarily sets up the compiler for the *nix system. sudo … Continue reading

Now why am I so much in love with MyBatis?

I’ve been spending quite some time working with both Hibernate/JPA and MyBatis, and as such, have been better contrasting the problems of the former with the latter. I love MyBatis. I can also say that I’ve worked to a good extent with Hibernate/JPA to know i’m not just engaging in some sort of mindless smear … Continue reading

Updating the gitolite admin’s public key

In a situation where the admin of a gitolite server needs to use a new pair of ssh keys, the obvious challenge is to make the necessary changes in the gitolite system to update the admin’s new public key. First up, ssh into the gitolite server. You can do this using your new pair of … Continue reading

Android: Holding onto Tabs While Searching

Unlike my previous post, this one’s here to remind me of something that I’ve tried quite hard to find a way around – and still, haven’t. So, here’s what I’ve been trying to do: I’ve got this nice class which serves as the base for setting up all the tabs. Needless to say, this sub-classes … Continue reading

the beginning…

how ironic – once you’ve deleted the “Hello World” post, wordpress decides to greet you with a rather depressing note – Sorry, but you’re looking for something that isn’t there. and here i am starting a log of all things that unfold as part of my decision to join a startup – again. i expect … Continue reading